Room Rates

Charges apply only to non-UAMS clients.

  • Seating Capacity < 40 = $50/day
  • Seating Capacity 41 – 100 = $100/day
  • Seating Capacity 101 – 200 = $200/day
  • Seating Capacity >200 = $300/day

If you have any questions regarding seating capacity, charges, or approval for a non-UAMS group, please call the Office of Academic Services at 686-5575.  Anyone in the office will be able to assist you.

Instrumentation Rates

  • General Electronic Equipment repairs are charged at an hourly rate of $21.00.
  • Biomedical Equipment repairs are charged at an hourly rate of $30.00.

Any parts needed to facilitate these repairs are charged in addition to these rates.  For information regarding specific repairs, please contact Marcus Murphy at 686-5062.

Lab Rates

  • Lab Tech overtime $26.16/hour curriculum dictated events
  • Lab Tech overtime $34.88/hour non-curriculum events
  • Microscopes, $10.00/day each
  • Computers, $10.00/day each
  • Room Rates listed above

There is no charge for personnel or space during regular business hours to approved curriculum-dictated courses.  Supplies for these classes are ordered in advance per faculty requests and budgeted funds.

Non-curriculum and external events can be scheduled pending the availability of staff and space.  Non-curriculum and external events are invoiced for supplies, facilities and use of equipment.  Contact (501) 686-5064 for an estimate for your particular circumstances.