Request a Room

The Office of Academic Services is pleased to announce the roll-out of 25Live as the campus room scheduling tool.  This new tool, which builds on our R25 legacy system, has many enhanced capabilities that greatly improve our ability to meet the scheduling needs of the campus.

Requests must be made at least two days out from the event date. If the event date doesn’t fall in this timeline, please contact the OAS Scheduling Office.  We understand there will be exceptions, but our goal is to have all requests submitted via 25Live.

Requestors will log in to the following 25Live link using their UAMS domain information to complete the new scheduling form:
25Live Scheduling

Instructional Tutorials:

Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are the recommended browsers for 25Live.

Curriculum Room Request Form:


Hospital Lobby Gallery Policy

Cranford Conference Room Policy

For questions, concerns or to schedule training, please call 686-5575.